location photography

st louis food photography and video yummy shrimp

Food Photography shot at the restaurant location. Many times the best food photos are done on location.  Yummy, delicious shrimp with an ice cold frosty selection of beer.  Studio photos shot on location at a St. Louis Mexican Restaurant – Tequila. Mike Haller Photographer, Rob Haller, St Louis Food Video taping, Dave Topping Photography Director and Marissa Blume, food stylist.

St Louis Food Photography and video mmmBeer

A Delicious Steak Dinner

Images from a cooking school shoot. Over 20 different food recipes were prepared for photography and video taping.  The images would be used to train other professional chefs in the art of cooking and food preparation.

St. Louis Video and Photography

A local st. louis Medical video for patient waiting rooms and dvd duplication.

Dave Topping videographer (left) sets up the video taping on the set of a patient waiting area, while Mike Haller, photographer gets the shot of a patient coming back from a surgical treatment.

St Louis Medical Photography, Mike Haller, Photographer 314-892-1233

St Louis Food Photographers

Yummy video excerpts from a recent food photography styling and image session.  Rob Haller 314-892-1233.  Many times the best food photos can be done on location or in our fully equipped studio, complete with a green screen cyc wall.

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