Capture the Perfect Team Headshots – At Your Office Location or In Our Studio!

We all need a good headshot for one reason or another. Whether you’re looking for a corporate headshot for your business website, a professional photo for your LinkedIn profile, or a headshot for a dating site, getting a perfect headshot can be challenging. But with a little preparation and the right photographer, you can capture the perfect headshot that will make you stand out!

What are Professional Headshots?

A professional headshot is a photo of a person’s head and shoulders taken in a professional setting. Professional headshots are often used for business purposes, such as websites, business cards, and social media profiles. They are also used for personal purposes, such as dating sites, portfolios, and even passport photos.

Professional headshots are not the same as “selfies” or “candid” shots. Professional headshots are taken in a studio or on-location with a professional photographer. The photographer will guide you in how to pose, what clothing to wear, and even what to do with your hair and makeup.

Benefits of Professional Headshots

Professional headshots have many benefits for both personal and business use. Professionally taken headshots can make you look more professional, polished, and confident. They can also be used to project a certain image or persona, such as a business executive or a social media influencer.

For businesses, professional headshots can be used to build trust with customers. They can also be used to create a cohesive look across a company website or social media accounts. Professional headshots are also great for press releases and speaking engagements, allowing people to easily recognize you in a crowd.

Tips for Taking Professional Headshots

When it comes to taking professional headshots, preparation is key. Before your session, make sure to practice your poses in front of a mirror. This will help you get comfortable in front of the camera and also give you an idea of what you’re going for.

Another important tip is to choose the right clothing. Choose something that fits well and is appropriate for the occasion. Avoid patterns and busy prints, as they can be distracting. If you’re taking a headshot for business, opt for a solid color or a muted pattern.

Finally, make sure to get plenty of rest the night before your session. This will help you look your best and feel more confident in front of the camera.

Choosing the Right Photographer for Your Professional Headshots

Choosing the right photographer is essential for getting the perfect headshot. When looking for a photographer, make sure to check out their portfolio to get an idea of their style and experience. You should also ask about their process, pricing, and turnaround time.

Another important factor is lighting. Professional headshots are typically taken with studio lighting or natural light. Make sure to ask your photographer which they prefer and how they will set up the lights.

Finally, make sure to speak with the photographer before your session. This will help you get comfortable with them and also give you an opportunity to discuss your vision for the headshots.

On-Location vs. Studio Headshots

When it comes to professional headshots, you have two main options: on-location or studio. On-location headshots are typically taken outdoors or at a specific location of your choosing. This is a great option if you want to capture a certain atmosphere or background.

Studio headshots are typically taken in a controlled environment. This can be a photography studio or even your office. Studio headshots are great for businesses that want a consistent look across their website or social media platforms.

What to Wear for Professional Headshots

When it comes to what to wear for professional headshots, the key is to keep it simple. Choose solid colors or muted patterns and avoid busy prints. Make sure the clothing fits well and is appropriate for the occasion.

Also, make sure to avoid overly trendy styles or clothing that is too revealing. Your clothing should be professional and timeless. If you’re not sure what to wear, it’s always a good idea to bring a few different options to your session.

Post-Production Tips to Enhance Your Professional Headshots

Once you’ve taken your professional headshots, the next step is post-production. This is the process of editing your photos to make them look their best.

The most important post-production tip is to keep the edits minimal. You don’t want to make your photos look unnatural or over-processed. Instead, focus on subtle adjustments to enhance the photo. This can include removing blemishes, smoothing out skin, and adjusting the lighting.

Another important post-production tip is to use the right tools. Make sure you’re using a professional photo editing software, such as Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom. This will give you more control over the edits and ensure that your photos look their absolute best.

Examples of Professional Headshots

Now that you know how to take the perfect headshot, let’s take a look at some examples. Here are a few examples of professional headshots that will make you look your best.

This corporate headshot features a young professional smiling in front of a white backdrop. The clean, simple background helps draw attention to the subject. The subject is wearing a navy blue blazer and a white collared shirt, which gives a polished, professional look.

This professional photo features a stylish businesswoman in a bright, colorful blouse. The background is a textured wall, which adds interest and depth to the photo. The woman’s hair is perfectly styled and her makeup is subtle but stunning.

Finally, this headshot features a smiling man in a classic pinstripe suit. The suit is timeless and sophisticated, and his posture is confident and relaxed. The background is a bright, airy office, which adds a sense of professionalism and sophistication to the photo.

How to Find the Perfect Professional Headshots

Finding the perfect professional headshots can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. The key is to find a photographer who understands your vision and can help you capture the perfect headshot.

When looking for a photographer, make sure to check out their portfolio. Ask about their process, pricing, and turnaround time. You should also make sure to speak with the photographer before your session, as this will help you build a rapport and get comfortable in front of the camera.

Finally, make sure to prepare for your session. Practice your poses in front of a mirror and choose the right clothing. Get plenty of rest the night before your session and make sure to bring a few options in case you decide to switch up your look.


Professional headshots are essential for both personal and business use. But getting the perfect headshot can be challenging. With a little preparation and the right photographer, you can capture the perfect headshot that will make you stand out!

Remember, preparation is key. Practice your poses in front of a mirror, choose the right clothing, and get plenty of rest the night before your session. Make sure to choose the right photographer and ask about their process, pricing, and turnaround time. And don’t forget to speak with the photographer before your session.

At the end of the day, the key to getting the perfect headshot is to be prepared and to find the right photographer. With the right photographer, you can get the perfect professional headshots that will make you look your best!

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
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Tips To Increase Your Product Sales By Hiring A Professional Product Photographer

In the digital age, anyone can snap pictures. However, when it comes to selling a product and getting customers to buy it again, a good photo is essential. A product photo shoot may seem like a small detail; however, given how many sales are driven through online platforms, it is actually one of the most important factors in making or breaking your sale. A professional product photographer can help you get more customers and drive up your sales by capturing your products in the best possible light. Whether you’re launching a new eCommerce store or trying to give your current one an edge over your competitors, hiring a professional product photographer will be worth every dollar that you spend on it. Here are some tips that will help you decide if hiring a product photographer is right for you:

Show The Product In Use

Customer service representatives may tell you that the most common reason for customers to return an item is that it is wrong or faulty. However, the actual reason is that customers do not know how to use the product. Your customers will not be able to try the product before purchasing it. They will have to rely on the visual representation of the product in the image. If the image does not show how the product can be used, your customers will not be able to buy it. A professional product photo shoot specially designed to show the product in use will help you with this. Be careful not to overdo this, however. You could end up making the photo look cluttered and unclear.

st louis medical product photographer
st louis medical product photographer

Don’t skimp on quality

The images that you choose to use as your product photos are the first thing that potential customers will see of your product. It is therefore important to make sure that you present your product in the best light possible. This means that you should invest in a good quality camera and a professional photographer who has experience in working with a variety of products. If you decide to purchase a cheap camera or hire someone who has very little experience with product photography, your photos may end up being blurry, distorted, or grainy. This will not only hurt your sales but also your brand image.

Add some color with a small prop or backdrop

Although you should definitely make sure that your photo is well-lit and clearly shows your product, adding some color with a small prop or backdrop can help to draw the customers’ eye toward your product. For example, if you are selling a pen, adding a small piece of paper will help your customers see what the pen can be used for. If you sell makeup, a dab of color on your model’s lips will make the makeup stand out. A professional product photographer will have plenty of experience in choosing the right color and prop to bring attention to your product without taking away from it. Make sure to discuss this with your photographer before the shoot.

st louis photography studio services
st louis photography studio services

Hiring A Professional Product Photographer Does Not Have To Be Expensive

A lot of business owners may think that hiring a professional product photographer is too expensive. To be honest, hiring a professional product photographer is actually cheaper than hiring a professional photographer for other types of shoots. This is because a product photography shoot is very short. As soon as the photographer clicks the button, he or she is done. All that you have to do is position the product in the right way and let the photographer do the rest. A professional product photographer knows that their success depends on their reputation. Therefore, they will be extra careful to take the best photos possible. If you make the effort to hire a professional product photographer, you can expect to see positive results.

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How to Choose The Best Photographer for Your Company

As a brand, your visual identity is one of the first things people see. The images you post on social media, blog posts, and websites are part of your visual identity. These visuals communicate that identity to your audience and potential customers. A great photo leaves a lasting impression. An uninspiring or poorly-lit photo can make viewers look away in seconds. It’s not enough to just find an affordable photographer; you need someone who understands your brand and the message you want to convey with it. There are many factors you should take into account when choosing a photographer for your company. In this blog post, we’ll explore why it’s so important to choose wisely and what questions to ask before hiring anyone as your new photoshoot partner.

Why Should Your Company Use Photography?
The need for visual imagery has existed since the beginning of human history, but it has never been more important than it is today. Visual communication is the fastest-growing form of human interaction, and it is now more important than ever to establish your visual identity. Here are some reasons your company should use photography to communicate its message and identity. Businesses should use photography because it’s an effective way to tell stories. Images are incredibly useful for conveying a message or teaching an audience about a product or service. The best photographers can take your product or service and make it come alive with stunning visuals. Photography is an incredibly effective way to showcase an organization’s culture and brand. Every photo you publish on social media or in your blog posts is an opportunity to show off your team, your office, and your product or service. Visuals aid in conversion rates by helping potential customers understand the value of your product or service. A well-designed ad or blog post with a clear visual message can be more effective than a thousand-word sales pitch. Photography helps you stand out among the competition. With more and more companies embracing the visual economy, you need to do everything you can to generate more traffic and sales. Using visual content is an effective way to do that.

What to look for when hiring a photographer
The first thing you should do when researching potential photographers is to look at their work. You should never hire any photographer based on a name alone. You need to see for yourself if their work is a good fit for your brand. You can usually find examples of their work online. It’s also a good idea to ask for a portfolio from the photographer you’re considering hiring. Make sure to look at their work from recent projects and not just old examples from their portfolio. Current work is a better indication of what they can do for you. Beyond their portfolio, here are a few other things you should look for when hiring a photographer for your company. – The photographer’s past clients – If you can, you should try to talk to the photographer’s previous clients. You can ask them about their experience with the photographer and how they felt about their photos. This will give you a good idea of what to expect if you hire that photographer. – Expertise and style – No two photographers are alike. You want to make sure the photographer you hire is experienced and specializes in the type of imagery you need. – Pricing – Some photographers will offer you a lower price but deliver lower quality work. Others charge a higher price but produce superior photographs. It’s up to you to decide what you’re willing to spend.

Tips for Working with Photographers
It’s important to set clear expectations with your photographer. Before starting any shoot, make sure you and your photographer have agreed on the following. – A detailed brief – Before you book a photographer, create a brief that outlines your company’s message, product or service, audience, and goals. This will help your photographer know what you need and how to best represent your brand. – A schedule – You and your photographer should set a schedule for the shoot. This includes a schedule for editing and delivery of the finished product. This will ensure everything goes according to plan and that you don’t have to wait months for your photos. – A price – You and your photographer should have a clear understanding of the price. Make sure to discuss payment terms. You should have a payment schedule so you don’t have to come up with the entire payment at once.

The best tools for your brand’s visuals
There are many tools photographers use to bring their visuals to life. These tools are often just as important as the photographer themselves. Here are some of the most common tools used in photography. – Light – Light is one of the most important tools in photography. It can completely change the mood and feel of a photograph. Dim lighting creates a more dramatic effect while bright lighting creates a more relaxed feel. – Camera – Your photographer will need a camera to take the pictures. It’s best to choose a camera that is easy to use and will allow him or her to take high-quality photos. – Computer – Your photographer will need a computer to edit the photos. You can choose any computer as long as it’s capable of editing photos quickly. – Software – Photography software can add special effects and styles to your photos. It’s not necessary, but it can help make your photos stand out from the crowd.

The best brands use visuals to their advantage
Many of the world’s top brands have mastered the use of visuals. Companies like Nike, Apple, and Starbucks use photography to convey their brand and sell their products. Other brands use visual content on their websites and social media channels to generate traffic and sales. You can learn from these brands and apply their visual strategies to your brand. Take Nike, for example. Their visual identity revolves around sport and athleticism. Their website and social media channels are full of active people doing athletic activities. Their visuals are consistent and make their brand instantly recognizable. Starbucks is another example of a brand that uses visuals to its advantage. Their visuals are focused on community and the drink experience. Images of friends hanging out and relaxing with a coffee in hand are common on Starbucks’ social media channels.

Visuals are the most effective way to get your message across. And what better way to convey your brand and product than through beautiful photography? When choosing a photographer for your next project, be sure to consider their portfolio, expertise, and schedule. And most importantly, be sure to choose a photographer who understands your brand and the message you want to convey with it.

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Business Portraits and Professional Headshots

Why trust us to create your professional imagery? Well, because we’re experts at capturing people, teams, and entire companies at their absolute best. We take the time on all of our shoots to ensure that we light each one of our subjects beautifully and through providing expert direction, truly capture you at your best.

A professional headshot for everybody.

Business & Corporate

Business headshots are typically used for LinkedIn profiles, internal business tools, press releases, company websites, advertisements, business cards, and presentations. These are perfect for executives, salespeople, entrepreneurs, startups, or anyone else in a corporate environment.

General Professional

General professional headshots are used successfully for LinkedIn, all types of websites, and speaker presentations. Often used for professionals like academics, journalists, therapists, doctors, lawyers, scientists, non-profits, and government officials.

Artistic Creative

Stylized creative headshots for websites, social media profiles, press releases, and book covers. These types are best for artists, designers, musicians, comedians, creative writers, and opinion leaders.

Book fast, easy, and fun professional headshot sessions at our studio or your location.

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Events – St. Louis Photographers & Videographers

We are event photographers that specialize in providing authentic, creative & professional photography for corporate events, private parties and special occasions throughout the St. Louis region.

Any types of events in life and people can be photogenic with the right type of equipment and a skilled photographer. Passion in capturing vibrant and active moments go a long way!

Our creative team is the perfect solution for documenting your next conference, trade show, company party, or branded event. With 24-48 hour delivery, you’ll receive a gallery of dynamic, high-quality images to use for promotional material, social media and marketing assets.

Our mission is to create eye-catching images that capture the spirit of any person, place or moment.

We also provide for creative corporate photography, editorial photography, lifestyle photography, portrait photo shoots, and website and social media visual content creations.

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
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St. Louis Event Photographer

St. Louis event photographers and video streaming.

Images capture the imagination of your viewers. Beautiful images can be inspiring and informative while communicating a message that’s relevant and memorable.

We capture the vibrant and dynamic energy of professionally curated public and corporate events with our photographers. We cover conferences, social events, PR events, openings, parties, influencer events, product launches and more.

We can deliver those perfect snapshots of the event with natural images of your clients and employees enjoying the occasion, scheduled events and for branding materials.

We succeed by taking advantage of the specific benefits that each event environment provides. We promote a collaborative and communicative process during each shoot — by working with you we ensure results that you’re completely satisfied with.

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
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Airplane Aerial Photographers

We always keep your specific aerial production needs in mind. By providing the logistics and equipment that is necessary to achieve your goals, you are sure to see results that are beyond your expectations.

Airplanes are perfect for high altitude, wide-angled shots of large areas of land. Our creative crew can provide support for projects that include commercial development, real estate and commercial advertising and films.

Robert Haller 314-604-6544

Building your brands value with photography.

Creating your brand for your product is important.  Your goal is to build better awareness among your consumers and achieve success. Professional photography is one of the best ways to establish a brand.

It is visually appealing, engaging and can be thought provoking. Photos appeal to consumers of any age.

The images you use to promote and market your brand should have a visual style that’s unique but easy to identify. This style should be consistent across all the marketing platforms you use, and from the very first day you start the branding campaign. 

Our professional photographers will help you launch your visual branding campaign. It is the most creative and practical way to achieve the look and feel of the better brand you are building.

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
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Branding Photographer

We are St. Louis based branding photographers and visual marketing experts for corporate executives and entrepreneurs who want to sell authentically, up-level their confidence, and inspire trust by helping their customers see the real and relatable person behind the brand.  We are also deeply experienced in corporate product and service business services branding.  Whether starting from the beginning or re-inventing your classic image as the markets currently perceive it.

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
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Location and studio photographers for business and medical marketing communications.

We are professional

St Louis commercial photographers

Our main specialties are editorial, advertising, corporate, headshot, higher education, politics, documentary photography, sports, viewbook, science, medical and environmental portraiture of real people.  We regularly collaborate with magazines, newspapers, photo agencies, ad agencies, corporations, wire services and design firms who are looking for a St Louis photographer to create the most visually interesting photography possible.

As a award winning photographers, we like to base our commercial photography in realism for businesses in in and around St Louis. We want to photograph your corporation or business as it really is in an interesting and dynamic photojournalistic style that shows off the most flattering aspects of your company.

We believe customers if given the chance to first see your company in photos based in reality, will be more apt to give your company their trust and business once they learn more about your service. Visual images are the best way for clients to build brand loyalty. We service businesses in the St Louis area but we are more than happy to travel around the Missouri and southern Illinois region for all of your commercial photography needs.  The same goes for experienced industrial photography.

Environmental portraiture is a portrait of a person in their familiar surroundings. The surroundings should be indicative of what the person does or who they are. These can be our favorite style of portrait photography since we can learn a lot about the person we are photographing by being invited into their space.

Executive, corporate or business headshots or corporate portraits are photos made of staff members, usually head and shoulders but sometimes half-body or three-quarter-body shots, generally made for company websites, internal newsletters, trade publications, public relations, marketing and sometimes advertising. Our photography is created at our studio or at your location.

For multiples and groups of headshots, we can bring our studio strobes and backdrops to your place of business. This way we can be on your employee’s schedule instead of the other way around. It is all done at your location usually in a conference room or like space.

We enjoy being a medical, biotech and science photographers. We can shoot wherever a client might need science photography made for their research, lab, pharmaceutical, educational, diagnostic equipment manufacturing or other medical type of company.

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
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St Louis Commercial Photographers

We are a full-service Commercial Photography Studio – Multi-Media production house featuring Still Photography, Professional Audio & Video.

We help you create brand awareness
The first part and number one goal of marketing is awareness! We are a commercial photographer that’s what we do, help sell your product, service, story, brand, idea or concept. Our photography and video is used in corporate brochures, marketing, advertising and websites. There is a wide range of commercial photography types, such as food, product, people, architecture and event. We Create Brand Awareness through imagery.

We Bring Your Story to Life:
Every brand has a unique story to tell. Tell your story with passion and it can unlock the power to inspire, motivate and excite – and when customers get excited about a brand, they buy.

We are ready to handle your On-Line and Print image needs! Whether it’s for advertising, editorial, commercial, product, food, or event photos. From an onsite shoot of your office for your website to a new head shot for a brochure, we’ve got you covered. Even better; all of our photo & video services are available on location.

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
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St Louis Corporate Photographers

St Louis Corporate Photographer, Mike Haller, and crew covers the entire commercial photography field. They have worked alongside physicians in hospitals, photographing patients in the operating room, emergency room or patient rooms. When a client needs ad, for publication, they are at their disposal. Commercial, corporate and live events can also count on them to provide for special occasions. We are location and studio photographers. We bring the studio to you or you can come to us.

Corporate and editorial clients include businesses of all sizes.  Assignments have included warehouses, high-tech medical labs, professors and students in classrooms, television studios, artist and fashion workshops. He has photographed for brochures, advertisements and thousands of websites.

st louis corporate medical photographers


Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
4501 Mattis Road St. Louis, MO 63128

St Louis Corporate Photographer

We specialize in corporate, advertising and editorial photography for clients of all types and sizes. We’re local and have a long record of efficiently producing high-quality portraits, architectural images and product photography, as well as corporate event photography and editorial assignments.

Studio Location: We have a full-service studio or we can provide a full range of photo & video services anywhere on location. This will help you save money. You won’t have to shut down to go the photo studio!


Whether we’re directing a large ad agency shoot for a prestigious agency or a low-budget portrait for a corporate marketing department, we bring creative energy and decades of experience to every project.

st louis corporate photographer

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
4501 Mattis Road St. Louis, MO 63128

Downtown night shoot with Arch St Louis Aerial Photography

We’re often called upon for shooting various scenes around St Louis and at all time of the day.  We have night permits and can shoot practically anywhere in town with our FAA licenses.  Here is a rather unique image of the city used for a cable television documentary about St Louis.  Some of our drones allow for lens change option so as a director, you’ll have more optical options when you select our experienced drone crew.

st louis aerial photographers

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
4501 Mattis Road St. Louis, MO 63128

St Louis Business Photographers

St Louis Business Photographers and Video creates high quality photography and video for all types of corporations, small businesses, and non-profits that will help enhance your image and build your brand.  Since 1982, our vast experience has taught us to capture our clients’ unique essence in each image or video that we produce.  Choose us for professional, high-quality photography and video created by a team that is the very best at what we do!

Corporate Branding
We are among St Louis’ premier corporate branding photographers. We have captured corporate branding photography for hundreds of St Louis clients, and work hard to build clients’ brands through high quality, professional photography and video productions services.

St Louis Headshots and Business Portraits

Executive Portraits
Executives are portrayed as professional, competent and successful individuals. Photography sessions are conducted in an efficient, yet relaxed manner. Same-day services available include Business, Annual Report, Publicity Portraits and Advertising Portraits. You can be confident that we will put your “best face forward” with our executive portraits.

Event Photography
Widely published, professional photographers, capture the essence of your event with their trained eyes for the exciting and unusual. The Who’s Who and the Hot Haute are drawn to the lens of our professional photographers. If you have an event to capture in Chicago, call us, the Chicago Photographers.

St Louis Industrial Marketing Photography

Product Photography
We seem to be always creating product photos that are rather unique.  We’ll help your businesses image and will set your products apart from the competition. Whether you’re a local business or an ecommerce website, a St Louis product photographer will capture the best product photos for your business.

We practically shoot for any type of imagery that’s needed for any type of business concern.

Advertising Agencies
Digital Marketing Firms
Healthcare and Life Sciences, Physicians and Pharmaceuticals
Industrial Manufacturing, Public Utilities
Law Offices
Real Estate Agents

Mike Haller, Senior Shooter
4501 Mattis Road St. Louis, MO 63128