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We always keep your specific aerial production needs in mind. By providing the logistics and equipment that is necessary to achieve your goals, you are sure to see results that are beyond your expectations.

Airplanes are perfect for high altitude, wide-angled shots of large areas of land. Our creative crew can provide support for projects that include commercial development, real estate and commercial advertising and films.

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Commercial photography will never be the same. The list of new drone aerial capabilities is growing fast. Cost comparison to a manned helicopter is not comparable! Our drones are capable of other various aerial tasks in a wide array of aerial applications. Safety First! We possess the knowledge and experience needed to fly drones safely and effectively. We operate in urban and suburban environments. Safety comes first and equipment is triple checked. We are fully insured so you can rest easy knowing you have experienced professionals on your project. We utilize a two-man crew. The pilot flys and maintains constant eye contact with the drone, while the navigator views our real-time monitor to direct the shot. The result is some breathtaking photograph and video imagery – droneography!

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